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‟Excellent across the board!!! Highly recommend Jeff!!!!”

– Amy Green (Plantation Oaks Farms)

The Jeff Bell Experience

Every bride I meet with I ask them to tell me about the last wedding they attended. 9 out of 10 brides say the last wedding they went to was horrible! That means there are a lot more bad DJs out there than good! Every DJ is going to tell you they are the best. Ask around. Has anyone else heard of this DJ? Ask your other wedding professionals. Check references, websites, and social media.

People tend to think a DJ is a DJ is DJ. All DJs are not the same. Just because a DJ is amazing at a night club doesn’t mean he knows how to DJ a wedding. I’ll tell you a secret… Most night club DJs do not like to talk on a microphone. That’s kind of an important part of a wedding DJ. A wedding is a ceremonial tradition that needs to be handled with some sophistication. Your DJ needs to also be an MC and be able to introduce traditions with class and grace…

Most DJs stay behind the DJ booth and just play music. I get out on the floor and interact with your guest.

Helping couples make their wedding something no one will forget.

Why am I more expensive than other DJs? Quality and experience are not cheap. I have well over 500 amazing weddings under my belt. Do you really want to entrust your once in a lifetime special day to the lowest bidder? Remember, you get what you pay for… A Cheap DJ isn’t good and a good DJ isn’t Cheap

Out of all the professionals you hire for your wedding the DJ is the only one who does not have a piece of paper that states he has successfully completed sometime of training that would indicate he is competent and proficient in his skilled. What I mean is most the people you hire have or do have the ability to obtain a college degree in their perspective fields. This is not the case for a DJ. I’m sure somewhere in the US there is someone teaching some sort of DJ course but as far as I know there is no accredited validated educational program that churns out top notch DJs.

More Than Just a DJ